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Adriana Romo

     Adriana Romo is a dedicated and experienced Associate Social Worker who is passionate about providing high-quality, personalized care to clients facing mental health, substance abuse, and other life challenges. With 3 years of clinical experience and a multi-disciplinary approach to patient care, Adriana is well-equipped to help patients develop coping mechanisms, benefit from psychotherapy services, and ultimately improve their conditions and reduce symptoms.

     Adriana's experience as a Mental Health Clinician, Assessment Clinician, and Behavioral Health Specialist has allowed her to support individuals in various stages of their recovery journey. She is skilled in performing intake assessments, developing individualized treatment plans, and providing therapeutic services through individual, group, and family therapy. Additionally, her background as a Vocational Assistant demonstrates her ability to help clients develop job readiness skills and successfully transition into the workforce.

     Adriana holds a Master of Social Work from San Jose State University and a Bachelor of Social Work from Sacramento State University. Her expertise includes psychotherapy, strengths-based approaches, crisis intervention, harm reduction, and motivational interviewing. She is also 5150 certified.

     As your therapist, Adriana is committed to staying updated on the latest psychology and counseling research to ensure that you receive the most effective, evidence-based care possible. Partner with Adriana to overcome life's challenges and build a brighter future together.

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