I was trained in DBT over 30 years ago and practiced as a LPC for many years in the US. I moved to PR about 20 years ago too finish my PhD in the only accredited bilingual program that existed in that time. I had implemented DBT in Guatemala and in Lawrence MA and felt there was a great need for DBT in Latino populates.

Kathleen Kelly

Areas of Expertise:
      Behavioral Therapy (10 años o más)
Case Management (10 años o más)
Child & Family Counseling
Group Therapy (10 años o más)
Individual / Group Counseling (10 años o más)
Mental Health Counseling (10 años o más)
Motivational Interviewing
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
Crisis Management
Crisis Intervention
Addiction Counseling
Autism Experience
Conflict Management

Therapeutic Modalities used: