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Payment Methods

If you have health Insurance

     Your health insurance may cover mental health/behavioral health issues, including individual, couple, marriage, family and group therapy. We will be happy to contact your insurance company to ensure therapy is a covered benefit and ensure the therapist is approved.

     If therapy is a covered service, we will bill the insurance company directly. You will be responsible for only the deductible and co-payments if applicable at the time the service is rendered. Some insurance companies (PPO plans) allow you to go “out of network”. However, our therapists are on many insurance networks so you will most likely be able to see one of our therapists using the most of your insurance benefits (usually less cost to you). Whether the therapist are “in network” or “out of network”, we will discuss all possibilities with you, which will enable you to make an informed decision.

     Many people have concerns that by using your health insurance benefits, you are sacrificing your privacy. Some people are concerned that their employer will find out private information by using an employment issued health insurance. This will not happen. All insurance companies have to comply with all privacy and confidentiality laws and cannot disclose any information to your employer. An exception to this is when the employer requests your attendance to therapy or when it is a requirement or condition of employment.

     This would be thoroughly discussed between you and your therapist. As well, you have to give written permission to allow the disclosure of any information to anyone or any entity.

     Each insurance company has many different plans-which may preclude some of our therapists from some of their particular policies. We will be happy to contact your insurance company to find out. You, too, can call your insurance company and ask if the therapist(s) you have chosen is a covered provider.

If you do not have health insurance

      Our fees are somewhat flexible. We are not a non profit organization so we do not get any grants or funding to subsidize our fees. However, we can be a bit flexible because we employ a variety of clinicians with varying degrees.

      You may choose an Intern or Associate to take advantage of the lowest fee. You may want someone with a great amount of experience or someone with a doctorate degree. We have many choices to provide you the best service. You can be sure that should you choose an Intern or Associate, you will have first rate, professional service… And you will have the benefit of a seasoned supervisor-therapist for the price of an intern or associate.

      If its experience you want, try an MFT or LCSW. Our PsyD’s have a great combination of experience and education which may be the right choice for you. Please click definitions to learn more about the types of therapists. As well, you can click Meet the Therapists to get individualized information about each therapist at Emotional Change.

      If you are a Victim of Crime (or a family member) you may qualify for free therapy through the state program. Please call to see if you qualify for this program. We bill the VOC directly if you qualify. If you don’t know whether you qualify, please call us to find out more information or click Victims of Crime.


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