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When you find it difficult to manage from day to day,
professional therapy at Emotional Change can help!

 Seminars and Workshop:

      -Don't Stretch the Rubberband Too Far

  • A workshop about stress: how to reduce and
    manage stress. This is ideal for businesses, schools and agencies. Approximately 2 hours in length.

      -Club F A S T (Finding A   Solution Today)

  •  Club Fast is a peer mediation program designed for elementary school and middle school children where they learn how to solve everyday problems in a systematic manner. Children are taught how to mediate these problems with the younger children at their school. Let your children's school know about this program.

  • Conflict Resolution Program.pdf


  • A group for youth to access who they are, learn core values, cause and effect of behavior explored through drama, art, creative writing, role play and other fun activities. Let your children's school know about this program.

 The therapists at Emotional Change can help you with:

  • Loss Of Trust

  • Separation and Divorce

  • Parent-Child Relations

  • Behavioral Concerns

  • School Concerns

  • Loneliness

  • Depression

  • Anxiety and Stress

  • Self-Esteem

  • Problems at Home or Work

  • Health Issues and Adjustments

  • Grief

  • Child Safety

  • Panic

  • ADHD

 Emotional Change offers:

  • Individual Therapy

  • Couples Therapy

  • Group Therapy

  • Program Consultation

  • Staff Interaction

  • Stress Management

  • Child Safety

  • Consultation for Child Care

  • Facilities

  • Victims of Crime

  • Life Coaching

  • Various Workshops (at your business or our offices)

  • Conflict Resolution  (at your business or our offices)

  • Free community workshops

Group Therapy:

  • Self Esteem Issues (Adults)

  • Child Safety (K-3)

  • Youth Safely (4-6)

  • Parenting classes-not for court ordered classes

  • Relationship issues (without a partner)

  • Sibling groups

Corporate & Organizational Consultations:

      We offer an effective, cost-saving solution to reduce absenteeism, decrease health
care costs, improve employee morale and well-being, and increase productivity . We provide a comprehensive solution for your corporate health and wellness needs, from individualized coaching to a range of group educational and experiential workshops.

      At the initial consultation, we will discuss your company’s needs, determine the
goals and design a workplace emotional wellness program, that may include any
combination of the following programs and services:

      Individualized Assessment and Planning: An initial individual emotional health screen, discussion of needs and goals, and development of a personalized plan to address needs/goals and improved emotional health and well-being for individual employees.

      Personalized emotional wellness Coaching or Counseling: Follow-up coaching or counseling to increase focus, motivation and action for lifestyle change.

      Group emotional wellness training and seminars- Classes, Workshops, or Seminars structured around the needs and goals discussed at the initial consultation, providing awareness training, various helpful techniques for reducing stress and increasing relaxation and emotional well-being. The results will help participants learn and integrate emotional health into their everyday life; to grow, heal, and live well and more fully, producing more content, emotionally healthy employees, thus increasing productivity, work morale and lower absenteeism.

Contact us for more information or to set up an initial consultation and get started!

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