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Meet The Therapists

I’m Kimberly George, founder and owner of Emotional Change. It's great that
   you are exploring the Emotional Change website.  I know that you will find useful
   information on the site as well as learn more about the therapists at Emotional
   Change. Our therapists have a variety of expertise, experience, and
   passions, I am confident that Emotional Change will be instrumental in your growth.
   The following pages will give you a bit of information about each therapist. Please
   feel free to call or e-mail us to see how we can better serve your needs. We are
   excited to have the privilege of helping you explore and implement the changes you
Our Doctors


Los Angeles Therapists

Cheryl L. Davis, Ph.D.
Robin Flans, Ph.D., MFT
Robin Gans, Psy.D.
Kimberly George, MFT
Suzanne Shayne, MFT
Rhonda Sihler, MFT

Patricia Morales, Ph.D.

Marilyn Murphy, Ph.D.

Susan Merlitti, MFT

Manuel Mercado, MFT

Donna Trujillo, MFT

Cynthia Rolf, MFT