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Hi! I'm Kimberly George. You can look below to get a condensed version of my
   resume. Briefly, I received both my Bachelors and Masters degrees in Missouri.
   After my Bachelors degree I went to work for the Texas Youth Commission,
   working with delinquent boys in a rural camp. The experience made me realize
   my passion for counseling. I decided to get my masters in counseling-therapy.

        I moved to Los Angeles in 1984, at which time I worked in various non-profit
   organizations while gaining experience and becoming licensed as a Marriage and
   Family Therapist.

        In 1987, I started my own practice, Emotional Change Therapy. Since that
   time, Emotional Change Therapy has grown to employ several other clinicians.
   We have undertaken many endeavors that you can explore on our website. Please
   be sure to call should you have any questions.

Kimberly George

Areas of Expertise:
        Anxiety and Panic
        Family crisis/dysfunction
        Post Traumatic Stress
        Child abuse
        Domestic violence
        Crime Victims
        Blended families
        Teen issues

Therapeutic Modalities used:
        Cognitive behavioral therapy
        Behavioral therapy
        Integrative psychotherapy
        Expressive therapy
        Adaptations for children-Including expressive and play therapy

        Marriage and Family Therapist (MFT)
        Caifornia View license
        Missouri View license

        Master of Science in Psychological Counseling;
         Southeast Missouri State University

        Bachelor of Science
         Southeast Missouri State University

  Therapist/Owner - Emotional Change

    I am enjoying a private practice as an outpatient therapist for many individuals and families. My clients are diverse in age, gender, ethnicity, socio-economics, as well as presenting problems and diagnosis.

  Therapist - Project Info: Outpatient therapist

    Among many issues, the most prominent were drug abuse and domestic violence.

  Therapist - Casa Victoria

    Therapist for delinquent, adolescent females who resided in a group home. Therapy included individual, group, family and multiple family groups. I also worked closely with staff so as to provide the most healthy, family style home environment for these youth.

  Therapist - El Centro Del Pueblo

    Outpatient therapist for youth at risk of drug use and gang involvement. This included family and community involvement.

  Case Worker - Texas Youth Commission
    Counselor/Caseworker for delinquent boys who were incarcerated by the Texas Youth Commission.


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